position held in the lab position after leaving the lab
Ines Martinez-Corral
post doc (2010-2019) post doc, French Institute of Health and Medical Research, Inserm, Lille
Noura Al-Walai Research assistant (2018)
Dimitris Kokoretsis 
Research assistant (2017-2018) PhD student, SLU, Uppsala
Yang Zhang PhD student (2014-2018) post doc, Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research, Bad Nauheim
Maike Frye post doc (2014-2018) junior group leader, University Medical Center Hamburg
Maria Ulvmar
post doc (2013-2016) group leader, Uppsala University
Andrea Taddei post doc (2012-2016; London)
post doc, The Francis Crick Institute, London
Lukas Stanczuk PhD student/post doc
(2009-2014; London/Uppsala)
translational biologist, Astex Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge
Andres Vicente PhD student (2009-2013;

senior research technician, UCL, London
Florence Tatin post doc (2008-2013; London) post doc, I2MC, Toulouse
Sherry Xie senior scientific officer (2007-2013; London)
senior scientific officer, The Francis Crick Institute, London
Eleni Bazigou post doc (2007-2011; London)
post doc, Imperial College, London
Sophie Lutter PhD student (2007-2011;

senior communications officer, Prostate Cancer UK, London